School Lunch Ideas #10: Pepperoni & Crackers

Pepperoni & Crackers from

Pepperoni & Crackers from

I once asked on Twitter “How many days in a row can a child eat Pepperoni & crackers before blowing out his colon?”   Apparently quite a few since he eats this all the time, for several years running, and said colon explosion has not yet happened.

This is another cheat day for me using the store-bought Jello.  I haven’t yet found a way to make Jello in an organic or otherwise healthy way, so it gets relegated to the dessert list.  Not totally sent to the ‘naughty’ list though.  If you have thin or weak hair and nails, making Jello a mainstay in your diet can work wonders to remedy that.  True story.

We love these rosemary flatbread crackers and you’ve seen them in other lunches here.  We make an olive tapenade that he clamors for (but won’t let me send it to school… hmm.) that we eat with these crackers and it’s a heavenly combo.  One of the few things all three of us go ga-ga for.

He also loves it when I send these little wooden appetizer forks/picks with his fruit.  He says it feels all ‘fancy’ to use them… like he’s at a party.  Every day’s a party with you, buddy. xoxo


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