School Lunch Ideas #12: Warm Puppies

Warm Puppies from

Warm Puppies from

Remember “Happiness is a Warm Puppy” from Charles M. Schultz?  And if you’re a state fair goer, you remember some version of the Pronto Pups corn dogs, right?  Well, Warm Puppies are a little bit of both.  They’re hot-dogs on a stick – like the fair version, but smaller and without the corn batter.  Hence, ‘puppies’ instead of dogs, they make Kid happy, and we serve them warm, so… you get the idea.

People love food-on-a-stick and kids are no different.  Simply quarter a kosher hot dog and slide a sandwich pick, popsicle stick,  or other 3″ – 4″ skewer into the cut end leaving plenty of room for a handle.  Microwave for 30 seconds at the most.  Serve with organic ketchup and organic carrot sticks.

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