School Lunch Ideas #13: Pizza Stackers

School lunch ideas: Pizza Stackers from

School lunch ideas: Pizza Stackers from

Pizza Stackers are another take on homemade Lunchables.  Use tortillas as the pizza crust, and mozzarella slices, cutting each of them to size with a biscuit cutter or cookie cutter.

I also found a cute little squeeze tube at a gourmet kitchen store that I filled with pizza sauce instead of putting it in a cup.  He liked the squeeze tube so he could draw faces on the stackers.  And he’s responsible enough to keep track of the lid.  We have ones with attached lids but they’re too stiff and don’t squeeze very well, so this one gets used a lot.  Fair warning though, pizza sauce stains it, so you can’t really use it for much else afterward.

For variety, you can send them already stacked, or split into groups (all the pepperoni together, etc.), or assemble them -sauce and all- at home.  You can vary the shapes and really get creative with them.  He would eat nothing but these if given the chance, so we tend to re-use this one a lot in different ways.


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