School Lunch Ideas #15: Bologna Snowman

School lunch ideas: Bologna Snowman from

School lunch ideas: Bologna Snowman from

I know it’s a little too early to be thinking about snow, but this cute Sandwich Snowman is good for a smile any time of year.  This is a bologna sandwich snowman.  I use kosher bologna (because I don’t think there is such a thing as organic bologna, so kosher is about as close as you can get), whole wheat bread and low-fat mozzarella cheese slices.

Just make the bologna sandwich as normal, then use round cookie- or biscuit-cutters to make the body and head.  Sometimes it’s easier to cut the shapes before making the sandwich, so do whatever’s easier for you.  Cut a little hat out of the scraps.

For the arms, I used grape stems (they look like twigs!).  For the eyes, I pressed two dried black-eyed-peas into the bread.  I cut a smile from the bologna scraps and ‘glued’ it on with butter, and did the same with cheese scraps for the buttons.  For the ‘carrot’ nose, I used orange cheese, but you could use a real carrot piece.  It’s not my best artwork, but he liked it, so that’s all that matters. 🙂

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