School Lunch Ideas #5: Chicken Salad and Flatbread Crackers

School Lunch Ideas: Chicken Salad with flatbread crackers from

School Lunch Ideas: Chicken Salad with flatbread crackers from

This one is another great way to use leftover (organic, free-range) chicken.  Actually, in our case, I cook up more chicken than I need for dinner, just so I have some cooked and ready for lunches.  I’m not sure I’d call it leftover, or make-ahead.  Anyhoo.  You can also see in the fruit container that I’ve used a variety of fruits here… another way to use up the last of the fruit.  Oh, and I always quarter the grapes and strawberries so that more of them fit in the container.

The chicken salad is ridiculously easy to make.  Put cooked chicken in a food processor and pulse until it’s almost ground.  (Or you could just mince it with a knife. Less to clean this way, really.)  Transfer the chicken to a small or medium mixing bowl.  Add your mayonnaise of choice, and pickle relish of choice (homemade dill pickles diced into relish are awesome in this) by the spoonful, stirring until you get a consistency that you like.  You can also season it with salt, pepper, or any number of your favorites.  And that’s it.  Not even worth a recipe really.   The food-processor made chicken salad turns out more like a paste – which Kid loves… if it’s chunky, he says it’s too chewy and won’t eat it.  He prefers it as close to ground as possible.  Of course you can vary the texture for your kids in the chopping process as needed.  And I sometimes make it chunkier just to have him try the same flavors in a new way in hopes of expanding his palate.

I serve it with these rosemary flatbread crackers that we all love (thank goodness!) and string cheese and he’s in heaven.  Pack a spreader, along with a fruit and veggie juice blend drink, and that’s lunch.  (The applesauce is for snack)



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