School Lunch Ideas #6: Apple Nutella Sandwich

Apple and Nutella Sandwich from

Apple and Nutella Sandwich from

The Apple and Nutella sandwich was a HUGE hit.  Even though it was really hard to eat because I put the Nutella on at home and it all slid off the apples by the time lunch arrived.  Next time I will put the Nutella in a cup and give him a spreader to do it himself.  The idea here is that the apples are the ‘bread’.

Otherwise, it’s easy enough to do.  If you have an apple corer, that’s ideal.  If not, slice the apples perpendicular to the stem… so that each slice has the 5-star shape of the seeds in the center.  Then you can cut them in half so they fit in the container better if need be.

One trick to keeping apples from getting brown is to spritz them with organic lemon juice.  If you take the time to buy organic apples like I do, it doesn’t make much sense to sprinkle them with chemicals like Fruit Fresh or even powdered lemonade.  Although, I have used both and both work well.  The lemon juice works great, too, but don’t overdo it or it will impart a lemon flavor to the apple.

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