School Lunch Ideas #7: Mini Tortilla Pizzas

Mini Tortilla Pizzas from

Mini Tortilla Pizzas from

Mini Tortilla Pizzas are ChefsKid’s version of homemade pizza lunchables.  The crust is made from cutting flour tortillas with a scalloped-edge 2″ biscuit- or cookie-cutter.  It’s slightly bigger than the size of the prepackaged pepperoni.  We add organic pizza sauce and low-fat mozzarella cheese in 2oz containers (with lids – not shown) inside the shallow sandwich container and can fit a lot in there.  Way more than you get if you buy the prepackaged kind.

Grapes are cut in quarters so you can fit a lot more of them in there and round out the food pyramid.  Goldfish crackers make a great snack during class and you can fit a surprising number of them in the 200ml container.  Sistema also makes this great silverware pack.  It has two handles with interchanging tops of fork, knife, spoon, and chopsticks!  It’s so clever!  Not to mention handy and easy to wash and reuse.

Since Kid is a pepperoni addict, this is one of his all-time favorite lunches.

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