School Lunch Ideas #9: Chicken Fries & Cantelope Men

Chicken Fries and Cantelope Men from

Chicken Fries and Cantelope Men from

I’m cheating with the chicken fries here… these are the Tyson brand of frozen chicken sticks.  So not organic, not free range, or any of the things I usually insist upon.  I could – and sometimes do – easily make these at home but Chef brought them home one day and they have been a special treat ever since.  They’re kind of a special treat for me, too since they cook in about minute in the microwave.

Since they’re on my ‘naughty’ list, I sent them with organic ketchup, matchstick-cut organic carrots, and organic cantelope (locally sourced) cut into little gingerbread men shapes using my Pop Chef cutter.  A little naughty and a lot of nice makes for a better balance in my mind.

A little trick with the cantelope… sprinkle with a hint of cinnamon sugar if it’s not super-sweet.  You know how sometimes you get anxious and cut that thing open before it’s reached its full sweetness potential?  Cinnamon sugar does the trick.

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